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Best New Golf Equipment for 2022

It’s good to have skill on the course. It’s great to pair that with intelligence about the best new gear on the market. Especially when it’s cool new gear.

And especially if you can take that best, cool new gear to Myrtle Beach.

Here are some of the newest items out there that caught our eye. Some is for the hardcore player, and some are better fits for the weekend warrior. Either way, let’s celebrate the chance to hit the links in 2022.

TaylorMade Stealth Irons

A multi-material design can give you faster ball speeds and more forgiveness. The Cap Back Design is a low-density, polymer composite. So, it’s strong and lightweight. It also has a larger sweet spot than previous designs.


Callaway Rogue ST Max Fairway Woods

It’s no coincidence that fairway woods feel more like drivers lately. They share the same tech that drivers have to make them less difficult to hit. These fairway woods can boost ball speed. Tour pros now carry 16.5-degree clubs rather than 15-degree 3-woods and 19-degree 5-woods. And for good reason.


Footjoy Fuel Shoe

Golf’s top brand unveiled these athletically-styled renditions for the modern player. These new kicks feature an energetic design with sleek styling and adventurous colors. Features included improved grip, better traction, and excellent stability. The new look suited for off-the course wear, too.


Footjoy Fuel Shoe

Titleist Pro V1 Balls

Can a ball promote your game to the next level? These make a powerful case. You’ll get superb distance and consistent flight off the tee and through the fairways. They have a very soft feel and drop-and-stop short game control.


THF Plastic Measure Golf Tees

The almost unbreakable alternatives are ideal for any course and any playing conditions. You’ll get a measuring guide for these rubber tees, which will protect your golf balls, too. They’re bigger than typical tees, ideal for novices.


Titleist Pro V1
Titleist Pro V1 Balls

Birds of Condor Performance Polo

Part surf life and part music scene, this brand has made a bold new polo you’ll want to get your hands on. Their line of apparel pushes the envelope of club-acceptable, while maintaining club-acceptable status. This cool stretch polo — called the Neverfind — features the whimsical “no shanks” logo.


Calloway Striped Mesh Hat

Choose from many striking styles of this mesh-back cap, ideal for players with a wide range of hat sizes. It’s also the little things: There are no annoying little tags hanging out anywhere. Great for comfort. The updated color combinations make this a hot pick if you’re looking for a fresh new look for 2022. And who isn’t?


Neverfind Polo
Birds of Condor Polo
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